Ombre Brow Tattoo

 Ombre Brow Tattoo

Upgrade your Beauty Artist Career by becoming a Brow Tattooist!
We at The Magic Beauty Co offer Lash Artists, Brow stylists and Beauty Artists, leverage their skills and take their businesses to the next level!
Making its entrance into the global cosmetic tattoo industry in 2017, Ombre' eyebrow tattoo has rapidly gained its place as one of the most popular and highly-demanded eyebrow tattoo techniques. Unlike the traditional “block" tattooed eyebrows of the 1980s to early 2000s, the Ombre' eyebrow tattoo delivers striking, well-defined brows that are soft and natural. Ombre' tattooed eyebrows have a gradient air-brushed effect, with lighter fronts that gradually transition to a more saturated body and tail ends.

The Demand for Ombre Brows Tattooing is Increasing

At The Magic Beauty Co we are extensively developing ourselves in the provision of high-end beauty services to our clients including eyelash extensions, brows shaping and styling, microblading, shading, and tattooing. Every day, we witness more women aspiring to get this amazing brow tattooing service that gives them richer, fuller, and more attractive brows to complement their personality. Besides providing our clients the best Ombre brows tattooing service, we have also gained a reputation across the industry as a certified and reliable training provider, both in persona and now online training courses for the people who want to learn this novel beauty procedure and have a bright career within in this industry.
 We are promoting all of our advanced beauty treatments and procedures for our online training programs. We know that Ombre's eyebrow tattoo is perfect for makeup lovers and is suited for any skin type, skin conditions and ages. Ombre' eyebrow tattoo is a long-lasting and excellent choice for clients with little to no natural eyebrow hair.
For something more natural, eyebrow microblading commonly called feathering is an excellent choice, while the combination eyebrow tattoo (Combo) option is fantastic for something in between, or a soft powder brow tattoo for clients who prefer a soft, "penciled in" finish.
That's why we are pleased to offer an extensive training program for our learners to learn this one of the most popular and highly demanded beauty procedures in the world. Training as mentioned can either be conducted in person at our studio in Mount Eliza or one of our online training Courses.

Why Should Your Learn Ombre Brows Tattoo?

Ombre' tattooed eyebrows look like they have been lovingly groomed and powdered, without the time or effort. It is an up and go solution for busy clients and delivers 24/7 stunning smudge-proof eyebrows. With proper aftercare, and depending on the client's skin type, condition, lifestyle, sun exposure, skincare regimes and products, Ombre' eyebrow tattoos can last up to 2 and a half years. Our trainers recommend an annual touch up to keep the tattooed eyebrows beautiful and fresh all year round.
The fact that Ombre brows tattoo treatment gives women a nice transformation and an oomph to their brows and it is a highly popular procedure now across the world, it makes a lucrative career for those who want to excel their brow tattooing skills. Learning this procedure and techniques grant them a bright career wherein they can accelerate their earnings even with a few clients.

Our Online Training Courses are Exclusively Designed for You!

We are the center of excellence when it comes to Ombre brow tattooing. We are proudly presenting an exclusively developed online training program where you can learn the skill with artistic inspiration, acquiring technical skills, and business expertise needed to launch a successful career in this growing profession.
The training program has been offered for both Aspiring Artists or already established Professional Artists. Whether you are completely new to the field of cosmetics or seek additional skills to advance an ongoing practice, you will not find a higher quality education anywhere else. Our ongoing support during is top-notch that no other schools can match.
What our Courses Offer? Our comprehensive Fundamental Ombre Brow Tattooing Program includes:
  • Ombre Brows
  • Powdered Brows
  • Hybrid Brows (combo of Microblading & Ombre)
  • Tattooing skills
  • Equipment, instruments, and products used
  • Application techniques and pros and cons
  • Sanitization and safety
  • Skin type
  • Brow measurement and symmetry
  • Industry best standards
  • And much more
We will also help you correct your bad habits, perfect your strokes, suggest the do’s & don’ts. It doesn’t matter where you got your beauty training or PMU training from, with our highest quality training and high-end ongoing support system, we will help you achieve your goals fast!
Our fundamental training will provide students with a solid foundation to build a lasting career in a growing field of Permanent Makeup industry. This course is designed for beginners or microblading artists with no experience who want to learn the basic techniques of tattooing in creating beautiful & natural-looking eyebrows.

Opportunities You Can Get Through This Training

  • Opportunity to grow your income up to 10 times
  • Potential earnings of up-to and over $300,000 P.A.
  • In-depth coverage of every step of the procedures
  • Practice on both artificial skin and live models
  • Student discount on our products
  • Start-up kit
  • Manual and other training materials
  • Lifetime support & unlimited training programs
Each learner gets all the necessary equipment, materials, support, and supervision to succeed in their learning. We do stock all the products associated with tattooing treatments, being an e-commerce trader too.  Our Online course will teach you to perform the treatment with confidence. We have been using only the best quality materials and products for all our treatments and services while the same practice is following for training sessions and live demonstrations. We never compromise when it comes to quality, be it of our service, our products, or our training! All products are available on our Online Shop. 
This is the time to make the best of learning this innovative beauty treatment and make a successful career ahead!
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