Accelerate your Career being a Beauty Expert & Lash Extension Technician

We are a certified, fully licensed, BBB accredited, and A+ Rated Eyelash Extension Service and Training provider as well as stocking eyelash extensions, accessories, and products supplier. We pride ourselves to be a women-owned company, empowering women from all over the world. Our students love the Lash Art they learn with us, while many of our past students are now running their own full-fledged salons. 

The Features of the Lash Extension Training Course

The lash extension training course teaches the learners the fundamentals, core techniques, as well as business-building tactics necessary to be a successful lash extension technician and professional. Learners get the most personalized attention from our skilled trainers in a fully professional and practical setting to learn, demonstrate, and practice their skills on live models with confidence.
Our training is covered under two categories:
  • Eyelash Extension Application Course – For Beginners - Classic Lash Extensions
  • Eyelash Extension Application Course – For Professionals – Russian Volume Lash Extensions
  • Advanced Application Course – Mixed Lash Extension Course
  • Advanced Application Course – Whispy Lash Extension Course
After completing the training program and becoming a Certified Lashes Technician, you also get an opportunity to get listed on our Professional Lash Experts Directory, which helps you bring new customers to your salon. We assist certified trainers refining their skills, help you grow your business, and stay up to date with the latest techniques.

Who Is Behind the Scene?

Introducing Astridah Bowler – An Industry-Recognized Beauty Consultant & Expert!
Astridah is one of the leading beauty experts, mastering the art of eyelash extension. She and her team excel in lash extension processes and have trained hundreds of professionals to help them pursue their careers successfully. We offer a Professional Lash Extension Training Courses, characterized by industry-approved certification and best practices. The beauty institution led by Astridah has been a reliable name for lash extension services, as well as an inspiration for the eyelash extension artists who want to accel their skills and techniques and take them to another level.  
Astridah has helped transform the beauty industry by making lash extensions as the new “normal”. Lash extensions procedures have never been so popular until empowered and creative beauty experts like Astridah introduced them in the industry and demonstrated the amazing results of these novel beauty processes. 

The Training Perks with Us

Every student who gets enrolled in our lash extension training course gets their Certification from us will be trained, mentored, and guided by our Master Trainers. At The Magic Beauty Co your future is our highest priority, so, your career as a prospective Entrepreneur will be trusted into the hands of a highly experienced Master Trainers. Delivering true worldwide knowledge, industry-leading European techniques, and exclusive student benefits, we will propel you ahead of your competition!

The Post-Training Support is Always There!

Once you complete your lash extension professional certification, our support does not end there. Our master trainers keep answering all your questions and evaluating your progress throughout the journey by keeping an open line of communication for a period of time with you to make sure you get to your utmost potential. If you need additional training, our other training programs are also available to all our Certified students at a discounted rate.

Why We Are the Best Trainer in Lash Extensions Australia?

  • Industry-recognized entity for reliable and advanced lash extension services and training
  • Professional and certified lash extension trainers
  • High-quality and well-researched curriculum to support the learning
  • A fully professional learning environment with facilities for demonstration and practice
  • Industry-approved certification 
  • Friendly staff and post-training support
  • Instant access to online learning material designed especially for our students
  • Product discounts for the learners
At The Magic Beauty Co, we have provided eyelash extension service to hundreds of customers. Our delighted customers prove our expertise and experience. We have trained hundreds of beginners and mid-level students as well as high-level professionals.  Now we are proud to announce ourselves as a full-fledged academy for teaching eyelash extensions procedures to all those artists who want to learn proven techniques in a step-by-step program, from our master trainers recognized for their world-class lash extension expertise and knowledge. 

Get yourself enrolled now and earn early-bird discounts. It’s a limited time offer!

It's time to advance your career!