Who doesn't love well-defined, groomed, bold, thick, and sharp-edged brows?

The Magic Beauty Co’s Microblading and Brow Tattooing Services aim for natural-looking brow shape, defined colour, resulting in the appearance of fuller, richer and thicker brows. Our exclusive brow services transform eyebrows dramatically enhancing and defining facial features.


Manual Ombre Shading is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique that gives eyebrows a shading effect without the use of makeup. The term Ombre comes from French and means shaded or shading. It involves combining microblading strokes with a brow shading powder to create a denser, fuller eyebrow appearance.
As a combined beauty treatment, manual Ombre shading has a distinct advantage over standalone procedures since it gives each hair a new level of depth. This makes it a popular choice among clients who suffer from alopecia, irregular hair distribution, or extremely thin eyebrows. After the treatment, a high-quality 3D look is achieved, with minimal upkeep to maintain appearance. 

At The Magic Beauty Co we offer a full range of Brow Services including

Combo Microblading/Shading
Ombre Brow Tattoo
Brow Tint
Brow Shape & Tint
Henna Tint
Brow Wax & Tidy