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 The Magic Beauty Co’s Brow & Tattoo Services

Would you like to specialize in a Career in Brow Tattoo and/or advance your current business model? 

The Magic Beauty Co is here to help your success.

This is one of the biggest services and growing trends in the beauty industry. We are proud to present our highly defined Brows Online Courses, all set to train the individuals passionate about this trending beauty service. Who doesn't love groomed, bold, thick, and sharp-edged brows? Well-defined and maintained eyebrows not only give one's face a dynamic appeal but also reflects sophistication. The online training courses for brow services that we have defined teaches a range of brow-grooming procedures, including threading, waxing, tinting, Microblading Feathering, Ombré Powder Brows. Supported by our comprehensive and high-quality study materials and video tutorials, these online courses will take you through the process to proficiently create natural-looking arches and defined brow shape and learning the theoretical knowledge as well as safety procedures involved in practicing these processes treatments to an industry-standard.

Study at your comfort and convenience with a dynamic and world-class trainer specialized in beauty and aesthetic treatments and known in the industry not only for her amazing training programs but also her incredible work as both a Lash Extension Artist and superb Brow Tattoo Expert. Much of the work is posted on Instagram at; themagicbeautyco

About the Course Creator

Astridah Bowler is the founder of The Magic Beauty Co which serves as a recognized training hub for advanced brow services including Microblading, Feathering, Ombré Powder Brows and many other Brow applications.

Astridah has been in the esthetic industry for more than a decade and her drive and passion for beauty treatments like brow tattoo, microblading, Combo Brows etc. has led her to be a very successful and reputed business entrepreneur. Besides being an extremely talented brow artist, she is also a recognized microblading instructor, with thousands of successful applied brow tattooing procedures the next step in her business model was to reach out to those that are unable to attend a personal training workshop, so online training is now available, with many different programs to choose from with these brow tattooing courses, it really will advance The Magic Beauty Co in high regard in Microblading and Brow Tattoo for training courses internationally.

The Specialty of our Exclusive Brow Training Course

Promoted by the celebrities, Microblading and Brow Tattooing services and procedures aim for natural-looking brow shape, defined color, and giving an illusion of fuller, richer and thicker brows to each individual. Various Brow Tattooing Applications has become a must-have treatment in today’s living. Our exclusively designed online training courses lets you learn the high-precision procedures to transform eyebrows dramatically enhancing and defining facial features for your clients.

The learners can personally select from a range of brows techniques to create the desired brow shapes and appearances, including advanced procedures like Microblading Feathering and Ombré Powder Brow Tattooing.

Also, to help you decide upon the best products for you once you have more knowledge of the treatment procedures we stock all the products that are associated to all procedures at our online shop, it just made perfect sense to have a Brow Tattoo Shop online.

Our Online courses will teach you to perform highly defined brow treatments with confidence.

What Do our Online Courses Entail?

  • Brows Health, safety & hygiene
  • Consultation techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Tinting
  • Waxing
  • Tweezing
  • Threading
  • Trimming
  • Microblading Feathering basic techniques
  • Ombré Powder Brows (Tattooing)
  • Sterilization of equipment
  • Aftercare Instructions
  • Ongoing Treatments and Maintenance of Brows (Touch-Ups)
  • Business Management
  • Marketing Procedures and Referrals 

Wondering About the Pre-requisites to join one of our programs? Don’t Worry!

We are open to both beginners and professionals.

Do you love beauty?

Have a passion for learning?

Willing to give it your all?

Work you own hours?

Work from home or open a Salon?

Uncapped earning potential? 

Then, you've got what it takes because Microblading and all of our Brow Services are great for both new and experienced beauty professionals! With proper training, the learning curve for brow aesthetic services is short and the process is easy but it does require effort and lots of practice. There are no formal prerequisites to learn this service other than a passion for beauty and a commitment to BRING IT and do your best!

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our Online courses have been designed following over 10 years of industry experience in delivering private beauty training. We understand the requirements of our students and online courses are delivered in an easy to follow way, accessible on your computer or mobile device.

We also have available full comprehensive course manuals written to the highest industry standards, we also have video tutorials produced with our professional tutors allowing you to develop the required knowledge and skills to be successful within this industry.

Our in-house support team is available through your studies and beyond as we do provide a mentor program for a period of time for those students that enroll for any of our microblading brow tattooing online courses.

We are Renowned as a Brows Service Provider as Well as an Online Beauty Trader!

We are known in the industry for our happy clientele who love the amazing brows transformations done by our beauty artists and experts. We have been using only the best quality materials and products for all our brow treatments and services as the same practices are shown on our training sessions and live demonstrations. We never compromise when it comes to quality, be it of our services, our products and our training!

The Great Career Opportunities are ahead of you!

Our Online courses are an excellent starting point for those who have a passion for beauty and wish to learn new skills. Completion of the online course will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to provide pampering on yourself and to friends, family, and more importantly paying clients.

The Post-Training Support is Always There!

Once you complete your course you will be asked to present your work at a high enough standard to receive a Certificate of Completion from The Magic Beauty Co. Our support does not end there, our master trainers keep answering all your questions and evaluating your progress throughout the journey by keeping an open line of communication with you to make sure you get to your utmost potential. If you need additional training, we have training programs that are available to all our Certified students that can assist you to ensure your success, your success is our success, as we understand the best for of advertising is referrals.

Online courses for brows services are ideal for anyone, of any age, gender, and/or background who wish to learn new skills from the comfort and convenience of your home. Our Online courses are suitable for beginners and no previous knowledge of beauty is required as the courses cover all aspects of the treatment process including health & safety, consultation, and client care to enable you to perform treatments to the industry standard and beyond.

Get yourself enrolled now and earn early-bird discounts for a limited time!

It’s the time to Master Brows!

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Brow Tattoo Online Training Courses