Beating the Barriers to physical activity

Too lazy to get out of your bed or couch and indulge in some physical activity?

If yes, then you are not alone. Many people tend to avoid physical activities thinking that such activities take too much time and require too much energy. However, this is only a misconception. Besides, there are some other barriers to physical activity that you should be able to beat after reading this article.

Why be physically active?

To beat the barriers to physical activity, you must keep your motivation for the same high. And to keep your motivation high, you should know the benefits of being energetic and physically active.

Being fit and physically active means you can:

  • Have fun
  • Enjoy time with friends
  • Enhance your body image
  • Maintain an optimal weight
  • Enhance your energy levels
  • Feel stronger
  • Boost your endurance and stamina for sports and hobbies
  • Build muscles
  • Reduce mental stress
  • Gain mental relaxation 

Common Barriers

Following are some of the common barriers to physical activities and their solution. 

Barrier 1: Not having enough time

We all have hectic lives yet if you try the following remedies, it will be easier for you to manage your hectic routine that also includes physical activities.

  • Adopt an activity that comes into your day i.e. riding a bike for commute or walking
  • Get off the bus one stop before and walk for the rest of the way
  • Use stairs instead of elevators where possible
  • Plan gatherings with family and friends
  • Walk around a mall twice before starting a shopping


Barrier 2: Not into sports 

You don’t need to be an athlete or professional player to be into physical activities. You don’t even need to play a sport to be physically active. 

Choose the kinds of activities you like such as gardening, swimming, bicycling and walking. You may also indulge yourself in volunteer work where you can help a fundraiser team to organise an event etc. 

You can also accompany one of your family members, siblings, or a friend as your activity buddy and schedule the mutually-liked activity a few times a week. 

Barrier 3: Unsafe Neighbourhood

If your surroundings are not safe for going out after a particular time, you can have several indoor physical activities.

Take help from a workout video or DVD in a home to do your workout. Do dancing to your favourite music. Join a popular community and recreation center close to your place. 


These are some of the great ways to get rid of procrastination when it comes to being involved in physical activities. Try these out and we are sure you would love it.